Australian Prison Foundation

Who are we?

The Australian Prison Foundation is a non profit organisation dedicated to providing assistance to those touched by prisons in Australia. We are interested in the following areas:

  • supporting and assisting research into Australian prisons,
  • providing information and support to prisoners, prisoners families, and people working in the corrections field
  • forming partnerships of support with other prison groups

We seek to create:

  • a database of prison support organisations and individuals
  • a library of research and information
  • links between communities and prisons 

We have a group in Facebook, so please like us! The group can be found at

For news specific to Tasmania Prison Service see the Facebook Group Families of Tasmanian Prisoners and the Facebook page

If you are interested in donating books to prisoners please contact us via our Facebook page and we can assist you with how you can deliver your books. We are currently not delivering books directly ourselves.

Please contact us via Facebook for any information you require.